Yoga Instructor Caroline Shone

Yoga has been the love of my life since the age of 10 when I was given a book of yoga poses (asanas). Although I practised alone I was fully absorbed in each pose and getting it right (alignment). I was, in those early years, very flexible and no pose was beyond me. Now yoga for me is not getting into those difficult poses but enjoying each pose within my capability. 

Yoga takes me to another place which is peaceful, gentle and stress free.   

I had a lovely class this week, the teacher was very knowledgeable and corrected my postures gently. Would highly recommend. 

Over the years I have practised yoga consistently and found solace through some challenging times. I have realised that everyone has their own practise and hence yoga is about you ( Uyoga) 

Finally after selling my business a few years ago I have had the time to train as a remedial Hatha yoga teacher with Yoga alliance UK. Training with the Sam Rao school of yoga. I have seen the huge benefits practising yoga can have on both physical and mental wellbeing.  

Having been introduced to Aerial Yoga by a great friend and found it to be fun and physically challenging I trained and now teach Aerial yoga classes. I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate to teach such a diverse and wonderful group of people. 

Caroline is a lovely instructor, she explains the moves and transitions well, has a very calm relaxing voice and covered a range of positions, which can be adapted for different levels. I had a wonderful lesson and would definitely recommend uyoga. 

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